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Below are resources developed and/or provided by Fifth Avenue Counseling & Consulting to help clients develop specific skills. The links below provide access to files (in PDF format) which you may find helpful in your own personal development. Please note that all Skillbuilder documents are copyrighted by Fifth Avenue Counseling & Consulting and for your personal use only.

Winter 2008 Newsletter

The Fifth Avenue Counseling & Consulting News features useful articles on how to improve workplace productivity and employee success. To see the Winter 2008 issue (in PDF format), click here.

Active Listening Worksheet

The benefit to having people feel heard is that they will offer further information and more creative ideas. They won’t shut down. Imagine how much more you can learn if you really pay attention. Here is a worksheet you can use to help develop your most important communication skill.

Journal Writing Tips

Keeping a journal is an amazingly simple and practical way to improve your memory, your mental state, and your physical health. You can use your journal to create an automatic thought record to improve your mood. Get what you want out of life by documenting and tracking your goals!

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Do You Need a Coach?

Article on

Center for Addiction Management

DUII Counseling Services

Heidi Brockman-Astrue, LPC, provides counseling services for persons who have received a DUII. For more information contact Ms. Brockman-Astrue at 503.220.0520 or email her at

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